The simple things can be really powerful

Guljahon was born January 14, 1996, in Dushanbe Tajikistan. Guljahon inspired to be an actress from a young age and first appeared on stage playing Cinderella. She was involved in art and singing. Guljahon was part of diversity club at her school where she hosted events for everyone. When she was a teenager, Guljahon took part in international Olympiad in Turkey,  she took 3rd place in a chess competition and finally was involved in the Little Earth project to protect the environment.

Guljahon graduated from high school in Tajikistan and due to her excellent performance, activism and love for diversity received a full scholarship to continue her education at  Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong. Further, Guljahon explored art and theatre in Hong Kong, where she took place on stage performances. In 2016 Guljahon had her art exhibition, expressionism style, related to  “mental health and depression” hosted in Hong Kong. Everything was donated to help students to study at LPC.

Guljahon loves traveling, acting, writing and is involved with non-profit organization around the world. Currently, Guljahon is writing a book which she hopes will inspire millions of people. To follow her dream.

Guljahon got accepted at Wartburg College  where she studied Business Management. Studying in a community with 92 nationalities Guljahon understood the beauty and power of pluralistic minds and diversity.

Growing up Guljahon was often compared to Scarlet Johanson, thus she became her role model in acting “SJ is the best” says Guljahon. Guljahon’s passion for acting led her way to Borrow Group in New York, continuingly learning from Bruce Ornstein Acting workshop. Guljahon worked in  Gracia Fashion to be able to pay for her school and life in New York. Speaking multiple languages and traveling around the world led Guljahon to see the beauty, accept the differences and diversity within acting. Guljahon believes acting is not just about getting the role, it’s about understanding the character feeling it and connecting to it in all levels.   

Guljahon represented Tajikistan at Miss Nations of the World  2018 becoming the second runner up. She was nominated to represent Tajikistan at Miss Asia USA 2018. Besides that Guljahon was selected to be part of Women Leadership Conference in Washington state. Guljahon believes in uniqueness and beauty of every individual no matter what skin color, shape, or look we have because difference itself is a gift, an opportunity to learn.

Guljahon was involved in activities such as Initiative for Peace, Help for Domestic Workers, Model of the United Nations and many more. She visited a village in China where people with leprosy disease lived, to help build a wall to protect some of the houses during winter. Guljahon visited Taipei Art National University for a week to learn the culture and the dance. Together with her peers, she went to Manila to help organize training to the Filipino emigrants. Guljahon organized her own project called “Water for life” which helped 400 students with pure drinking water which was a daily challenge for the kids 
in Derzud village. She organized leadership meetings with young adults by encouraging them to pursue their dreams. Spoke up about mental illness in a community where it is a taboo and finally Guljahon is working on a larger project to help not just a school but the entire village with pure drinking water. Guljahon  Ruzadorova strongly believes beauty doesn’t just concise in one’s look yet, in one’s act of faith towards making this world a better place for others.

 Guljahon is honored to be selected July  cover page of Tehran International Weekly Magazine, along she was invited to be a host of Tehran International Magazine  27th Festival and Expo celebration of Amurdad.